Prince David Masonic Lodge #101

History of the Prince David Masonic Lodge

Freemasons living in Maple Ridge had for years wished to start a Lodge in this District but lacked a P.M. Finally Wor Bro R.W. Holland came to reside in Haney. He was Immediate Past Master of Western Gate Lodge in Vancouver, B.C.

On Sunday, March 13, 1921, a well attended service for Masons was held in St. John's Anglican Church, Maple Ridge, B.C. This meeting was called by the Rector, Rev John Leigh.

He wanted a Parish Hall built on the church property. The Masons could use the upper floor as a lodge room. The rent paid well in advance would be used toward the building of the Parish Hall.

Another service was held April 10, 1921 by Rev Bro John Leigh who again preached.

Following each service the possibility of forming a Lodge was discussed. R.W. Bro. Holland offered his services. After a third service which was held December 11, 1921 at 3:00 p.m.the Brethren retired across the road to the Maple Ridge School. There they were able to discuss matters more freely than in The church. Committees were appointed.

The Maple Ridge school was used in succeeding months as a meeting place. April 16, 1922, a committee reported a list signed by 69 Masons agreeing to join the proposed lodge. Also a subscription list was presented as gifts or loans amounting to $1,925 for the purpose of building a Lodge Hall.

Committees were named to wait upon Pacific Lodge in Mission and DeWolfe Lodge in Coquitlam, asking their support in the formation of a new lodge.

On May 12, 1922 at Maple Ridge School officers were elected.

The senior officers elected at this meeting: W.M. Wor. Bro. R.W. Holland and S.W. Wo.r Bro. A. Poole. J.W. Bro. D.G. Morse visited Pacific and DeWolfe lodges and demonstrated that they were capable of conferring the three degrees of Freemasonry. Both lodges gave their full approval and support to the forming of a new lodge. Monthly meetings continued to be held until the Lodge was instituted by R.W. Bro. E.L. Berry D.D.G.M., October 9, 1922 in the New Oddfellows building in Haney, B.C.

The original minutes of all these meetings are preserved in the archives of the Lodge. During this year of organization the lodge was known as Maple Ridge. This name was changed in time for the name Prince David Lodge to appear on the Dispensation granted October 2, 1922.

Fifty-six names appear on the petition for Dispensation.

The first officers of the Lodge were:

Wor Bro R.W. Holland
Wor Bro W.N. Carmichael
Wor Bro A. Poole
Bro D.C. Morse
Bro J.C. McFarlane
Bro Angus McIver
Bro Rev Alex Dunn
Wor Bro H.W. Hall
Bro T.S. Alexander
Bro G.G. Abernethy
Bro G.G. Lazenby
Bro J.B. Martyn
Bro J.A. McIver
Bro B.Wellwood
Bro J.A. Flanagan Tyler
Bro John Chalmers
Bro D. McKenzie
D. of C.
Official Piper
Official Piper

The entered Apprentice Degree was the first degree to be conferred. This was done March 5, 1923 when Earl Milford Selkirk (W.M.1931) and John Milne Edwards (S.W.1932) were initiated.

The Lodge was Constituted and the Officers installed by M.W.Bro Chas E. Tisdall on September 3, 1923 in the Masonic Temple, New Westminster, B.C.

The Canadian ritual was in use for the first two years. On February 7, 1924, the Lodge voted to use the American Work. This work as practiced by DeWolfe Lodge has been in use in this Lodge since November 6, 1924.

R.W. Bro D.C. Morse