Prince David Masonic Lodge #101

Belong to the oldest and largest fraternity of men in the world.

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a fraternity of men with good character. The men who participate in Freemasonry are from different age-groups, religions, ethnic backgrounds, and social classes. What brings them together is the common goal of becoming better, that is, better friends, husbands, fathers, and members of the community.

Who is a Freemason?

A Freemason is a man who believes that there are moral or ethical principles to live by and that following these principles allow him be a better person. Freely accepting the principles of Freemasonry carries a shared responsibility, namely, the responsibility to transcend the differences commonly found between religions, ethnicities, societies, cultures, and age-groups. By transcending these differences, Freemason’s are able to draw on the life experiences and character examples of the brothers around them. In short, Freemason’s are equal amongst each other and speak amongst themselves with the utmost respect, admiration, and support.

What does Freemasonry provide?

Membership to Freemasonry provides, at base, many of the benefits general fraternity memberships provides. For example, there's a sense of belonging and brotherhood that arises from people who go through the election and initiation process within fraternities. The election and initiation process is especially important to us because it is a shared experience amongst all of our members throughout the world and throughout our history.

Once you are a Freemason, you share common ground with all Freemasons, past, current and future.

Membership also provides men with opportunities they may not have had at work or while growing up, such as developing their public speaking skills, debate, voting on issues, and chairing meetings. Opportunities to learn and master these skills from people who excel at and are willing to teach you them is invaluable.

Lastly, there's the supportive environment Freemasonry provides. To quote Bro. Michael W. Walker, "those who have gone through or may be going through some serious mental trauma, such as job redundancy, or perhaps depression brought on by the stresses imposed by modern living, will know how true this [a supportive environment] is and can testify to the soothing and calming effect of this unique and invaluable supportive atmosphere, as found within the lodge."

Freemasonry provides a unique opportunity to men interested in self-improvement, character development, and a supportive atmosphere. I'd like to once again reference and paraphrase Bro. Michael W. Walker, it is hoped that the principles and tenets practiced in Freemasonry will bring about a state of affairs that will make a man a credit to himself, an example to, and benefactor of, others. This is due to the intellectual and philosophical exercises designed and intended to make an individual's contribution to society, and extension of himself, greater than they might otherwise have been had he not the opportunity of developing his capacities and capabilities through membership of the order.